10 Tips to Look Instant Slimmer


Fat, fat, fat – no more fat looks (anyhow). Wanna look bit slimmer than ever and looking for a magic wand that can make you instant slim? Well, your search ends here……wait, wait I didn’t get any magical wand for you, but I got some instant tips, hacks, and trick for you that has always work for me. So without wasting much time, here u go.

  1. Black my BFF(best friend forever)

Not only black, but almost all dark colors give a slimmer illusion, as dark color absorb all the shadow and makes you little slimmer but out of all dark shades black is my BFF, from jeans to skirts, shorts to tees, long kurta to skinny net tops. And to prove it, here is a quote – “There’s something about black. You feel hidden away in it.” -Georgia O’Keeffe.

  1. Pattern (long vertical stripes)

Always work on your patterns, pick vertical strips patterns and avoid big prints, especially big floral patterns as it makes you look huge. Quick tip – try dark striped trousers or knee-length pencil skirts with well fitted plain tops or simply stripped black saree.

  1. Fabric

Flawless fabrics give you the best fitting, avoid cotton and get mixed blended fabric.You can try silk and chiffon tops as well coz these fabrics fit well on everybody and give you a properly defined figure.

  1. Accessories

Accessories, like long chains and necklaces, designer big bracelets and antique rings works magical and these accessories divert attention too. For example, long chains add glamour and hide a plumpy neck in the same way as a bracelet diverts all attention from a big and heavy arm.

  1. Jackets (spice up the wardrobe)

Yes, you can truly spice up your wardrobe with some extras like some funky scarfs, shrugs, and jackets. As scarfs give some extra colors and same time hide extra curves if any, the jacket also hide curves on your waistline and gives you a polished look. In winters, wear a warm jacket and in summers, you can try printed silk or net jackets.

  1. Shapewear

This is something I swear by every time I go out for some special occasion. Shapewear gives instant effects; try lower body, upper body or entire body shapewear suit, easily available, trustworthy and effective. One more thing, always invest in good bras as well, as it defines your upper body well and gives a beautiful figure.

  1. Divide and Rule

What does it mean …….nothing much, simply divide your body in proper portion and see the magic. Wearing same color full body long dresses example jumpsuits, long middies, long gowns and even maxi dress work well as it gives you extra height. You can also try high waist trousers ……you know what will happen with this, your lower body will look taller and you will look instant slim.

  1. Exposure (deep necks)

Yes, a little exposure won’t harm you, try V neck tee or a bit deeper neck blouses, short dress and ¾ length trousers also expose your legs and define your full body.

  1. Shoes and Belts

Get some nice pairs of close toes pencil heels shoes for you today, as heels give you some additional height. And always remember, wear black shoes in winters as we wear jeans and leggings more often in winters and try NUDE shades in summer that matches your skin tone.

  1. Makeup and Hair

A very much instant effect you can get with your hairstyle and makeup. For a long face, you must tie high ponytail or high bun and for round-faced women, try some nice haircut with lots of layers, as these layers will hide your chubby cheeks.


Try putting layers and always, always get your perfect size, and do remember these small details and voila you will look prettier than ever.


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