Why are Web Series getting so much Popular?


Our mobile has become everything for us. If we need to check the time, we look at our phones, if we want to get up early; an alarm is on our phones. Our mobile does everything starting with finding out a place to visit and going up to clicking the picture at that place. Yes, we use this to talk to others as well.  In short, mobile has replaced many things in our life but will it replace television also? You never know.

Why are Web Series getting so much Popularity?

The entertainment industry is facing major changes because of technology. Most of the viewers are fed up with saas-bahu and rebirth theory. But providing something different on television is very risky. Web series is not that risky option for makers. Taste and demand on new age viewers are not predictable. They want something new and different. Providing something new every time through old channels is very challenging. Web series is a way of providing something different with less risk.

Web series is one of the changes in the industry which is loved by an audience of all genres.  Web series are becoming more and more popular because of its content. Sacred Games and Lust Stories both are the game changers.

Is Freedom from Censor Good?

Web series are free from all censorships and directors and writers enjoying this freedom. Here, I will mention the Sacred Games, a web series from Netflix. Few people said that this web series is full of nudity and abusive language but when you start watching it, you don’t feel that this nudity is extra. Gaitonde being a gangster will use abusive language and a wife can be topless in front of her husband in a lovemaking scene. But yes…you will have to be a mature viewer to digest these scenes and language.

Is it all about sex?

Few people will say so. But these stories talk about today’s youth. Today’s generation can have a live-in relationship, Today’s female start accepting their sexual desires like a man does from so many years.  Another web series from Netflix names Lust Stories has four stories. Every story sheds light on the relationships of our time. It talks about the sexual needs of females as well. Watching a lady, using a vibrator to fulfill her desire is no more a taboo for Indian viewer. Here, I would like to mention about ALT Balaji’s web series named ‘Gandi Baat’. It’s also a series based on sex and lust but it refers to the incidents that may occur in a small town or village of our country.

Many people say that the makers of these types of stories are using a taboo subject ‘sex’ to earn money and to be popular. I don’t agree with this. Netflix has ‘Stories by Rabindranath’, ALT also has ‘kerrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat’,’Kehne Ko Humsafar hain’ and many more. In short, you can find out any series based on your taste.

Isn’t it expensive?

Answer of this question is simple, No, it’s not. All these apps, especially Netflix, and Amazon Prime both are full of content. You can watch movies free of cost and you can watch your favorite one whenever you want. Isn’t it a wonderful luxury? When we watch television, we pay to the service provider and we pay the electricity charges too and after paying so much again we need to adhere of time. In today’s life when everyone has a different schedule, the option of a web series is the best.

I do feel that web series are the present and future of entertainment. No matter how many points I tell you to prove that the web series is a game changer but the biggest point will be the CONTENT. If you want to watch something different, real, far from fake eyelashes, tears and melodrama then move your eyeballs to web series. And look out this space for our next article on ‘Top 10 best series to watch in 2018’.



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